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Aporia Elefanti  

 Approaching the notion of ,reality‘ as a systemic phenomena of human perception, Aporia Elephanti investigates in the constructedness of cognitive perception and breaks down supossed visual truthes. Refering to the theories of Radical Constructivism, the visual information (and as such carrier of rational reality) gradually becomes deconstructed into parallel layers. This process performs through the video into the space, thereby using various media. Thus the ostensible reality suddenly appears as a misapprehension: the supposed space depicted in the video emerges as a backdrop in a studio, the objects of utility such as the microphone eventually embody useless props. Equally the text altough initially appearing in an almost devotional graveness, evolves as completly absurd and senseless. Yet the audience is invited to maintain the built-up deconstruction by wearing T-Shirts based on various parts of the text. As the text spreads out onto 22 T-Shirts, their wearers perform a network in an ongoing performance, which cannot be grasped by me anymore.




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