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Der große Emfang, installation: a reception for chinese and malaysian artists [read more]

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What does it mean to be an artist? And how does an artist communicate with his or her public? Johanna Binder adopts a variety of artistic identities in the course of her work. At one moment she may be an academic heavyweight who makes complicated pronouncements, at another the archetypical artist struggling with self-doubt, and at another an ingénue trying to dance her way into the macho hierarchy of big-shot artists. In doing so, Binder is not averse to humour or absurdity; on the contrary, these are important ingredients of her oeuvre. She has designed her own "artist-in-residence" solution, a freight tricycle capable of conversion into a small, one-person room complete with table, bench and mattress. Monsieur Hulot, as the conveyance is called, travels from artist to artist, a mobile studio operating autonomously within the art world.

Text: Merel Bem

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Monsieur Hulot: Monsieur Hulot was displayed as a para-institution outside the Van Eyck Academie at the bicycle parking [read more] 



As a final project displayed during the Open Studios at the Van Eyck Academie, my studio was treated as a stage, revealing the commonplace actions of the artist in a performative approach. Focussed on the artists studio as a frame of actions less then a place of production, the studio transformed into a 380 degree backdrop for my own practice throughout the whole year. The studio and its context of being within an institution as well as the idea of it being a place of cultural production brought me to a series of site-specific actions, displayed within the set




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,Dancing with the stars‘ was a performative process based on a daily dancing-exercise in my studio in between October 15th 2016 and January 22nd 2017. Dancing with and for the portraits of the Top 100 from Artfacts` Artist Ranking derived from an interest of the artists` image as a representative factor of artistic value and evolved into a joyful role-play dealing with hierarchy, a subjects positioning towards the others and power-structures. The process resulted in a celebration hosted in my studio, where fellow artists took over my former characters, appropriating different identities.  (full lenght: 01:22:18)