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 - with Charlie None  

Absurdistan is a remote nation shielded from the outside world for centuries, where neither electricity, cars nor telephones have entered the kingdom. Due to the abolition of verbal language over the course of centuries, the Absurdistani people developed an idiosyncratic vocal language that constantly evolves over time due to each individual’s subjective ad- aptation.

The kingdom of Absurdistan was founded in 1760 by Maria Johanna III., a daughter of the Habsburg queen Maria Theresia from Austria,after having fled from the Habsburg Monarchy and the arranged marriage to be imposed by her mother. With her socio-political reform of ‘delogology’, which represents the abolition of verbal language, the regent sought to create a breeding ground for the ‘awareness of the authenticity of things’ for her citizens. This means that the physiognomy of the material world is to be seen beyond pure function- ality and meaning construction; instead, it should be geared towards a purely subjective experience. On the other hand, ‘Ateleologism’ represents a legally driven reform aimed at the structural avoidance of work and diversion of any kind (acceptatio temporalis), and should promote and consolidate the ‘consciousness of the authenticity of things’. There- fore, instead of everyday life consisting of automated tasks, it would solely be filled by the flow of time itself.
In 1991 Charlie None, an austrian-hungarian artist was invited to the kingdom of Ab- surdistan as the first foreigner to redesign the palace of its newly appointed queen, Änni Wäbis, a former princess. Charlie None, who since then has been living in Absurdistan as an archivist and artist has established an extensive archive about the absurdist culture and society through her memoir and anthropological collection. Her archive is presented in the exhibition ‘Bloody Mary Show’ at the premises of Deutschvilla Strobl from August 8 to September 2, 2018 with the support of artist Johanna Binder.
The second stage of the introduction to the kingdom of Absurdistan includes a presenta- tion of the "Temporary Embassy of the Free Nation of Absurdistan" by three messengers appointed by the Free Nation of Absurdistan. It is open for two days from August 18 to August 19, 2018 on the premises of the art space Fünfzigzwanzig, situated in the city cen- tre of Salzburg (Residenzplatz 10, ground floor, 5020 Salzburg). The "Temporary Embassy of the Free Nation of Absurdistan" attempts to provide a deep insight into the social and cultural life of remote Absurdistan and recruit new citizens.




- solohow at Drago Sauna Kunstverein Vienna.   

Apart from being a temporary exhibition space, Drago Sauna Kunstverein functions as a shared studio and working space. For the show at Drago Sauna Kunstverein I copied the structure and items of the regular studio, which by that time were located in store. Simultaneously I displayed a book, revealing all my projects I could ever have realized. 

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- Artist Statement: curated by Antje Prisker