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FABULA RASA, Soloshow at Salzburger Kunstverein


Photo: Andrew Phelps


In the dappled shadow of the leaves stands a white bust on a tiled, patterned floor. You can hear the wind: palmeras en la tormenta, palm trees in the storm. Soon, the idyllic backyard is plagued by inclement weather conditions. Gusts of rain whip the bust’s face, while the second film image undergoes the states of hatching. Where are we?

Johanna Binder presents a video installation about masks, (cultural) identities and the human self amongst social circumstances. The artist creates a universe in which autonomy, (de)masking and cultural identity politics are poetically negotiated. Her work creates social entanglements and the vagaries of worldly weather in which we must rediscover/reinvent ourselves.

 A text by Hannah Bruckmüller


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