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March Hare

with Antonin Giroud Delorme

Klaipeda Exhibition Hall, Lithuania

Originating in an examination of the KKCs curatorial guideline ‘one hour local time’ the col- laborative proposal consists of an alternating, human scaled tool for the experience of time. Opposing two different models of a steady and a irregular, subjective notion of time, the spectator is invited to actively fuse the two poles according to his individual spatio- temporal pace. Contrary to the requestement of a functional organization of time in society the artists suggest the participation in a fortification of a proper perception of movement in a lapse of time. The materials of the installation thereby reveal their temporal progress in a constant transformation of their physical appearance as a record of while.



Georgia Inness

with Patric Sandri and Klaus Stefan

2nd Tbilisi Triennale - SOS Self organized systems, Georgia

,Georgia Inness‘ is a manifesto-like manual for an interactive transformation of the medium of painting into the actual space as a social event. The collaborative proposal can be realized as a self organized system in any place of the world without needing the authors, which represent rather initi- ators than creators in this project: the interpretative accomplishment has to be done by the participants. The manual was developed in a collaboration with Klaus Stephan and Patric Sandri and was applied for the first time in a participatory performance held during the 2nd Tbilisi Triennial, Georgia.


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