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More information about the worlds first mobile artist in residency


 Monsieur Hulot offers a mobile micro-residence for persons with perceptive and/or investigative ambitions. It is a platform of artistic autonomy, which provides the residents with a shelter as well as a working-space and the necessary equipment circulating around those basic needs. Beside it embodies the framework for proximate social interactions, supported by the potentiality for a broad range of events.
Thus amongst its application as a classical residency, Monsieur Hulots formal character includes the base for manifold usages and actions.
The residency is passed from hand to hand by the participants, encountering a permanent movement and transition.

There are no restrictions in terms of geography, concepts or usages event-wise.
Residency periods are flexible and based on negotiation. The use is free of charge.
Applications can be made to with a project description, images and contact details. The residency is suitable for max. 2 persons.


working wall
archive space
basic cooking tools, including a camping cooker
mattress and sleeping bag
table and bench
discursive, artistic and moral support

Terms and conditions:

* every participant needs his or her own bike
the residency space may not be altered or damaged in any form
the residency has to be passed on to the next resident at the end of the residency period, or delivered back to its home-institute.
The participants agree on the publication of their names and projects.
The participants must provide a documentation of their residency period after finishing.